My name is Leslie Walter and I am the owner of Dormouse. I live in Wyoming with my husband, our dog Rosie, our cat Kitty, our four horses Lump, Melvin, Delbert, and Higgs, and then a bunch of heifers who’s names range from Puss & Boots and Hell Bitch. At one point we had 10 chickens, but that didn’t last long as every animal in the wild west was interested in them. RIP Beth, Greta, Bertha, Susan, Ethel, Thelma, Louise, Helen, Esme, and Deb.

I grew up sewing and was always making sleeping bags for my beanie babies and other little knick knacks. But at the mature age of 6 I decided that I wanted to make something useful. And so my young and very literal mind decided that the most useful thing I could make was underwear…duh. I was very proud, but as I tried on my underwear to show off my skills, I quickly realized that underwear with 14 buttons holding together 18 pieces of fabric was, in fact, worthless and quite dysfunctional. So there and then began and ended my clothing designer dreams. I never attempted another article of clothing, but still loved everything about thread, fabrics, and bobbins so instead I focused on making quilts, pillowcases, unfinished comforters, and more. Then, at some time in my teenage years I learned about embroidery and was fascinated that you could take a drawing and turn it into a thread file. VOILA your drawing came to what I like to call “embroidery life”. And after that I knew that one day I wanted to own my own embroidery business—thread, needles, fabric and all…just no clothing patterns.

Fast forward to 2018 I had the opportunity to buy Dormouse from my friend, Daryl. Daryl and her mom, Linda started and owned Dormouse for 10 years here in Wyoming. After buying the business I started to play around with different drawings and brought them to embroidery life, which just made me giddy. My favorite part about it all is coming up with new designs, new sets, and titles that show them off. My dreams of owning an embroidery business came true. I am loving it and I sure hope you love it too.